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Practice your stealth skills and start mapping out your escape routes Elon, because this November will be the first ever SUBsassin: a campus-wide strategy game where players must track down and eliminate as many targets as possible until only one player remains. The lone survivor (or the player with the most eliminations by Nov. 30) will win a $100 Apple gift card. Not just iTunes, Apple. So that's $100 towards a new iPod, or laptop, or fancy-shmancy iPhone 5 or whatever Apple products your little heart desires.

The rules are simple, but winning is hard. At the start of the game, every player receives a target with both a name and a picture. You'll need to put all your connections and stalking ability to the test to find your target and take them out. Then do it all again with a new target. But as you play, remember you are both the hunter and the hunted. You'll always be the target of another player, and once you're eliminated that's the end of the line. No second chances.

There's only one way for players to eliminate their targets: the deadly clothespin.

Terrifying, isn't it?

Clipping a clothespin to your target's clothes, backpack, hat, or any other various item attached to their person (they HAVE to be wearing it at the time) officially eliminates them from the game. Then their target becomes your new target.

How do you stay alive? Be smart, be sneaky, and know your enemy. Remember your Safe Zones, there are places you are safe from being eliminated. Try to figure out who's target you are and steer clear of them. Find your target quickly. If you don't know them, ask around to find out more about them. Strategy is key to this game, so don't waste any time.

To get in on the butt-kicking action, all players have to attend the official SUBsassin registration meeting in McKinnon D Tuesday October 30th @ 7pm. Players can pre-register to guarantee themselves a space in the game soon by filling out the Online Pre-registration Form.