Thursday night never tasted so great! Every Thursday SUB brings you a different interactive, fun, and free event like a Texas Hold'Em Tournament, Karaoke Night, Cooking Lessons, Acapella performances, and Bingo! And the best part of Midnight Meals? Free food starting at 11pm! Keep yourself updated on what SUB is doing every thursday so you don't miss the next great event! 

Fall 2013 Midnight Meals:

Sept. 19 - RSA Bingo

Sept. 26 - Jack Garno

Oct. 3 - Trendsetter Tour

Oct. 10 - Rip Chord

Oct. 17 - Vital Signs

Oct. 24 - RSA Bingo

Oct. 31 - Halloween Party

Nov. 7 - Smooth Progressions

Nov. 14 - RSA Bingo