Want to be one of the students that make awesome campus-wide events possible for the whole school to enjoy? Then you, my friend, are on the right website. If you don't already know what SUB is, take a look at our "About" section before continuing. From this point on, you'll learn how to become one of the best people on earth: a SUB committee member!

To ensure that SUB has motivated and reliable members, every applicant for a SUB committee goes through the PIT Crew process. PIT stands for "Programmers in Training" and in this multiple-meeting process new members will learn everything they need to know to be effective committee members. This includes but is not limited to: how to effectively advertise your events, how events are planned from start to finish, how SUB runs as an organization, how to be professional, and how to be one of the coolest people on Elon's campus.  Trainees will also learn the specifics of each of SUB’s three committees: Music/Stage, SUBLive, and Special Events. After those trainings, all of these now expertly trained event ninjas will graduate from the training program and be placed into our committees by filling out an application. 

PIT Crew programs will be held once at the beginning of every semester. Once you’ve completed the program and are placed on a committee you’re on for good! You won’t need to be retrained or reapply to keep your spot.

The PIT crew program is a fun and interactive way to get all our SUB newbies well prepared for the jobs they have to do, but it’s not a guarantee of membership. In order to be given a spot on a committee, trainees will need to show their commitment to SUB by volunteering for events and attending all the PIT Crew meetings. If the Executive Board doesn’t think you are ready for a committee position, if you miss meetings, don’t volunteer, or do not have the time to dedicate to SUB we may defer you until the next application period.